Flower Essence Therapy

Flower essences are catalysts to strengthen conscious healing, enhancing health on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid extracts from blossoms of flowers, plants and trees.

They are generally prepared from a sun infusion of the flowers in a bowl of water which is further diluted and preserved. 

Flower essences are used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. The vibrational qualities of each flower essence lend themselves to supporting you with specific situations or emotional states. They are not used to treat particular diseases.


Flower Essences are Gentle and Subtle

The essences encourage rather than compel change, working by vibrational resonance rather the bio-chemical intervention.

They enhance health on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, by acting as catalysts to strengthen our conscious healing journey.


Use of Flower Essences

Flower essences are generally taken orally from a dropper bottle prepared with one or more essences in combination. They can be taken directly under the tongue or diluted in a glass of water. The essences are also effective used as a spray around the body or in a bath.

Flower Essence Consultation

The flower essence consult consists of a 15 minute telephone conversation
to discuss the emotional, mind-body, or spiritual issue you would like to address.

A flower essence dosage bottle is then prepared and sent to you with an
explanation of the essences included and instructions.

The essences are added to a 1-ounce bottle of spring water with a small amount
of preservative (brandy) added. Vinegar or vegetable glycerin is substituted upon request.


Flower Essence Consultations are $50 and include a 1-ounce bottle of a custom flower essence therapy blend. 

Order online and we’ll contact you to set an appointment.